Startup Connections

How to Stay in Business

  • SC Business Network

    The Department of Commerce has launched the new South Carolina Business Network  website that will give companies and entrepreneurs expertise, tools and connectivity to help their businesses grow. This site has the potential to impact hundreds of existing business owners and entrepreneurs in this state with management and training information needed to make sound business decisions in a ever-changing

  • SC Business One Stop

    South Carolina Business One Stop or SCBOS is the official South Carolina business web portal.  It enables anyone with an existing business or anyone starting a new business to file permits, licenses, registrations, or pay taxes.  From the convenience of your computer at anytime, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, you can take care of your important state filings, and pay for multiple filings and/or taxes with one credit, debit, or EFW payment.

  • Columbia Office of Business Opportunities

    The Office of Business Opportunities was formed to encourage the creation, continuous growth, and development of small businesses by providing quality services bridging an array of opportunities. The OBO values corporate and community leaders, who embrace our shared vision of economic inclusion of small businesses that support the continuous growth of the City of Columbia.  Its mission is to provide professional support and build capacity with Columbia's small business community.

  • Columbia Office of Economic Development

    The City of Columbia's Economic Development Office stands ready to provide a wide range of services to companies interested in the Columbia Region. From new business incentives to site planning, the office will provide direct assistance as you develop your plans for your Columbia location. The following pages will provide an overview of the business climate in Columbia as well as give you a look at how we live, how we work, and how we play...successfully.