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CETi is focused on finding, educating, connecting and accelerating high potential early stage technology and innovative-driven ventures. 

I am a student entrepreneur.
Sean Rankin | HuddleHR

"At HuddleHR we want to provide small businesses with beautifully designed products that allow them to better manage their most important asset: Their people. Our initial product, Roster, is an employee database that will allow small businesses to store and manage all of their employee’s sensitive employment data. CETi has offered guidance as we've taken our startup from idea to development.  They are constantly trying to help us promote our idea and make connections with others who can help us along the way. Columbia's startup community is chock-full of entrepreneurs who are willing to collaborate, listen to your pitch and offer their experience and support. We've learned so much in such a small amount of time from others that have been where we want to be - in business."

We are entrepreneurial faculty.
Bill Brewer & Andrew Lee | IMCS, Ltd. Co.
"IMCS is a micro-extraction technology for rapid and quantitative detection of biomolecules in complex solutions. It's like "Finding Nemo" in the sea faster than any current technology would allow. CETi helped expand the network for rapid prototyping and getting products tested and developed faster. Columbia has untapped resources just ripening, including new local academic support, state and city programs. We'd like to see Columbia progress by having established companies relocate here. Startups spin off of larger companies." 

I am an alumnus.
Anthony Goldman | Koala Bottle

"Koala Bottle is the magnetic bottle that was designed to make it safer and easier to drink while cycling. Working with CETi has allowed Koala Bottle to grow its business by establishing enduring relationships and building credibility. There is an undercurrent of energy building that excites me about the future of Columbia, SC.  I never would have been exposed to the depth of this energy but for Koala Bottle. The startup community, with the backing of the city, has the potential to make Columbia a destination for entrepreneurs that are looking for a platform to launch and grow a business. There are lots of truly great ideas and entrepreneurs with a vision, and I would like to see the city gather and organize its resources so that there is less fragmentation."

We are USC affiliates.
Jerry Smith & John Wilkinson | USA E-Shop
"USA eShop offers a hassle-free opportunity for small & medium US manufacturers to export directly to European consumers. Through a blend of export management, foreign fulfillment operations, and e-commerce channels, USA eShop makes it easy for any company to truly have a global reach. USA eShop’s first site, WishBoxUSA.com, is now live and fulfilling orders throughout Europe! CETi has helped with branding and market analysis to connecting us with new opportunities. CETi has been an excellent resource as we have taken USA eShop from concept to thriving business. In Columbia, we are building off each other's successes and collaborating on multiple levels; we have a great community of support."